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SellerHound Features

Automatically Send Buyer-Seller Messages

SellerHound offers a variety of carefully designed email templates, customizable email templates, order filter settings, and a blacklist feature. These features allow automated matching of suitable email templates to individual customers, which is ideal for enhancing your store’s customer service and customers’ shopping experience.

Intuitive Listing Management

Quick to set up and easy to use. Bulk list your products to Amazon in just minutes (new ASIN creation coming soon). Save listing options to make launching new listings quick and easy.Monitor and revise listings from one place.Easily create variation listings, with complete inventory management on each child item.

Inventory Management

SellerHound gives you centralized inventory management from one easy-to-use interface. Quickly view and manage your available, reserved and on-hand stock levels across all your warehouses, and make changes using our Excel-like bulk editor. Eliminate overselling (and underselling) for good with automatic and continuous inventory syncing.

Order Management

See all your orders from Amazon and every other sales channel in one place. All ready to view, edit, print, and ship to your heart's content. Automatically update order status on Amazon and all other sales channels at each step of the fulfilment journey. Quickly find any order with live search and advanced filter options. Clearly communicate Amazon order details with your team via internal notes and tags.

Automate your Amazon Shipping

Automate print labels and packing slips, process orders, and automate tracking for all types of Amazon shipping

Automatically Send Professional Invoices

The invoice generator feature of SellerHound not only allows the automatic entry of customer data like the address and order details to help you save time, but also sends invoices automatically based on customizable invoice rules.

Automated accounting & Bookkeeping

Calculate Product Sales, Amazon Fees, FBA Fees, Advertising Costs, Shipping Costs, and more accurately understand your profitability.

Support Multi Marketplaces Without Additional Fees

SellerHound supports 8 Amazon marketplaces including North America (USA, Canada), Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain), and Japan. Multiple stores can be managed with a single SellerHound account. No additional fees for multiple marketplaces are required!

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