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The Amazon feedback tool loved and trusted by more than
7,000 Amazon sellers across 10 marketplaces

More seller feedback equals more sales

Rank higher, boost product visibility and win more Buy Box

Your seller rating and feedback score are key metrics used by Amazon to determine who wins the Buy Box. Sellers with consistently stellar customer service and seller ratings can typically win the Buy Box at higher prices and profit margins than competitors with lower feedback scores.


Automated Feedback & Review Request

Be proactive in managing your reputation and request your customers for feedback and product reviews. With our intelligent email automation system, we have made feedback acquisition as simple as a click of a mouse!

Auto-Track Product Reviews

Organize, view, and group all your product reviews in a single screen. Analyze, manage, and get instant notifications when negative reviews are posted.

Amazon Feedback Management

SellerHound saves you a tremendous amount of time on feedback management and greatly improve your Amazon seller rating. You can search your Feedback by ASIN, SKU and even rating across multiple Amazon marketplaces and respond appropriately to negative feedback with a higher rate of success.

Order Management

All your orders, customer data and order metrics synced and fully integrated on one platform screen. Search, filter, analyze and download with ease. Intuitively designed to save you time and keep you focused on selling.

Seller Feedback and Product Review Alerts

Stop wasting time refreshing your screen in Amazon Seller Central for new feedback or constantly checking all of your products for new negative reviews.SellerHound monitors this for you and can send you or your entire team instant alerts or a daily digest.

Default Multilingual Email Templates

The system comes with predefined email templates in multiple languages, so you can communicate with clients from various countries in just one click.

invoice management

VAT Invoice Generator

Automatically generate VAT invoices for your EU customers.

No need to wait days or weeks to receive the first review as in other autoresponders.

Buyer Blacklist Management

Block emails from being sent to uncooperative or opted-out customers to avoid getting undesired feedback.

Powerful Dashboard

You can view the total number of negative, neutral and positive feedback on SellerHound’s Dashboard.
Check the performance of each variation and make data-driven decisions about what actually works.

What Our Customers Say

“SellerHound allows me to communicate with buyers much more conveniently, improving my customer service quality and efficiency. What surprises me is that the number of positive reviews has increased vastly. I really enjoy the order filter feature in the email settings, and I hope to see added rules and benefits to this feature in the future.”

Riley Powel
United Kingdom
“It was easy to get SellerHound running properly. Importing the data from my store was done within a reasonable amount of time and I was very impressed. The email templates and functions are also very convenient, so I’ll continue to use it and strongly recommend it to my seller friends.”

Markus Meier
“This is exactly what I need! I have so many product lines and it takes too much time to check negative reviews every day. With the help of SellerHound, reading newly added positive and negative reviews every day has never been so easy. The review and order management systems are so awesome. This software not only delivers more functions but is also priced lower than the other options are!”

Peter Russell
United Kingdom

SellerHound Pro

  • Monthly Emails 5,000
  • Automated Emails
  • Invoice Generator
  • Email Templates
  • Dashboard Report
  • Email Blacklist
  • Daily Email Report
  • ASINs Included
  • Campaigns Included
  • Marketplaces Included


What marketplaces does SellerHound support?

SellerHound supports multiple marketplaces including North America (US, CA), Europe (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES), and Japan.

What forms of payments do you support?

Credit cards are supported.

What Amazon account types does SellerHound support?

Currently, we only support Professional Amazon seller accounts. Other account types such as Individual seller account, Vendor account, Author central account are not supported.

Does SellerHound violate Amazon’s rules? Will Amazon ban my account?

Absolutely not. SellerHound operates safely within Amazon’s policies and rules. Rest assured, it is safe to use.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time and are refunds available?

Accounts are billed monthly. You can cancel the subscription at any time, and it will take effect immediately. Your account will automatically cease to renew from the next deduction date, but you can continue to use the subscription up until that date.